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About the Pureora Forest Park

The Timber Trail goes through the Pureora Forest Park (78,000 ha) which straddles the Hauhungaroa and Rangitoto Ranges. It is a hidden wonderland of tall trees, clear rivers and rare wildlife. A place of beauty indeed and a great place to enjoy cycling. Pureora was once a thriving timber village. Today the forest has the largest tracts of native broadleaf podocarp forest in the North Island, and its towering trees and luxurious undergrowth are truly awe-inspiring. For more information on Pureara Forest see the following – but don’t forget to come back to us:

Pueroa Forrest

To get there go via State Highway 4 via Ongarue and Waimiha on the southwestern side to arrive at the start right by Flashpackers, The Hub of the Timber Trail,  50 Ongarue Road, Ongarue.

Waterfall at Pureora Forest Park
Wooden bridge on The Timber Trail at Puroera forest Park
Cycle Trail at Puroera Forest Park
Tunnel entrance on the cycle trail at Pureora Forest Park
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